The LAPD (and Sheriff) have a de facto "no ID and walk" policy. That's right, you heard me right. The LAPD has a de facto policy of allowing those who commit misdemeanors such as driving without a license to "WALK" if they cannot produce an ID (too much trouble to take the suspect in for ID verification for such a minor violation), albeit the car might be impounded. A conversation I had with a senior LAPD lead officer when I went on a drive-along, went like this:

Q) (To LAPD officer). ...Suppose that I am a serial killer who just stole a car and did not have an ID with me, and you stopped me for speeding. If you impounded the stolen car I was driving (it wasn't my car anyway), you would then simply let me go?

A) Yes, most of the time you would get a free pass.

Q) (To LAPD officer). Under what conditions would you arrest someone who did not have an ID?

A) Only if the suspect had an attitude problem or made verbal threats and I had the time.

Q) (To LAPD officer). So if I am a smart serial killer, I would know that I should never have an ID on my person and I should be polite to LAPD police officers?

A) Right.

Law breakers in the Los Angeles know that the LAPD will let them walk if they cannot produce a verifiable ID. As Board member, I will call for a policy that mandates the Police to run a "make" on anyone, regardless or ethnic appearance, stopped for an infraction or misdemeanor such as going through a red light, illegally vending, disturbing the peace, etc. If a suspect cannot produce a verifiable identification, they must be arrested for further ID check.